Justin Bieber Ditches Signature Haircut

Justin Bieber Haircut

The Justin Bieber haircut is no more! Bieber was seen today in a Tweet with Rascal Flatt’s Jay DeMarcus sporting a brand new crew cut, getting rid of his signature hairstyle.

The pair are currently working on a collaboration piece and after the photo surfaced Bieber said of the new style in a Tweet to his more than 5 million Twitter followers:

“Yeah so it’s true, I got a lil haircut. I like it and we are giving all the hair cut to charity to auction. Details coming soon.”

The Bieber haircut has been one of the most requested styles at the national haircut chain Supercuts and now it looks like boys everywhere will be asking for his new “crew cut” style.

So what do you think of Bieber’s new haircut and I’m not asking 12-year-old girls because he could hit an old man on a bicycle while driving a car and you’d give that action a thumbs up.