Justin Bieber: Sweet 16

Teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber turned 16 on Monday and he kept his fans in the loop with birthday updates on Twitter.

The Dome 53 - Justin Bieber

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“[sic] thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. u guys all changed my life and are giving me a great birthday. appreciate it,” he tweeted on Monday.

Justin Bieber’s celebrations were all about good, clean fun. Last weekend he hung out with baller Kobe Bryant at a Lakers game. On his actual birthday, he went bowling with family and friends.

Since he’s now legal to drive, I’ll bet there’s a shiny set of wheels waiting for him. “I think I want a Range Rover,” he told People. Diddy may also give him a set of keys—secondhand ones, that is. “He said when I turn 16 he was going to give me his Lamborghini,” Bieber says. “But we all know Diddy’s not gonna give me his Lamborghini. He’s all talk.”

I guess he’ll have to borrow Sean Kingston’s Ferrari F430 sports car again. We did see him drive it around Miami last month.

Happy birthday, Justin!