Bieber or Die

You gotta hand it to the guys at Funny or Die. Their skits can make almost any celebrity funny. Take Justin Bieber for example. Sure, the kid can sing and make anyone under 18 swoon, but his acting and comedy chops need help. Did you see his recent stint with Tina Fey at SNL?

His new video with Funny or Die is funnier than his last few attempts. Check it out.

My favorite bit was when he rode on the back of his bodyguard and demanded to go get a lollipop. LMAO!

Is it just me or is he losing baby fat and getting taller? Bieber’s voice is changing, too! I wonder how that will affect his next album.

Who cares? “This is Bieber’s world and you’re just living in it! Bieber or die!”

Baby, baby, baby, oh…


  1. lol lets go get a lolipop