Bieber’s Growing Up

How times flies. Teen sensation Justin Bieber’s voice is changing. All die-hard fans will notice that the 16-year-old’s voice isn’t as high-pitched as it was during his early career.

According to Wenn, Justin was quoted, saying: “It cracks. Like every teenage boy, I’m dealing with it and I have the best vocal coach in the world. Some of the notes I hit on ‘Baby,’ I can’t hit anymore. We have to lower the key when I sing live.”

It looks like puberty has set in. Listen to his first hit, “One Time,” which was released just last year.

Now listen to one of his recent tracks, “Eenie Meenie,” with Sean Kingston.

Hear the difference? Biebettes, does it bother you that Justin’s voice will completely transform before by the time he hits 18?