Everybody Wants To Be Like Gaga (Part 1)

…and who could blame them? Lady Gaga’s awesomeness exudes all of your awesomeness put together! Every week or so, I’ll be putting together a gallery of stars who are channeling their inner Gaga. Here is this week’s serving:

Jennifer Love Hewitt Celebrates her 31st Birthday

(c) Pacific Coast News

Jennifer Love Hewitt of The Ghost Whisperer played dress-up last February 21st to celebrate her 31st birthday. She posed with pals outside her house wearing black fishnet stockings, a black and pink tutu, and a statement shirt. She also had her hair tied into a Lady Gaga-esque bow. Either that, or she’s a fan of Mickey Mouse.

Bobby Trendy Out At Maxfield In Beverly Hills

(c) Flynet Pictures

Remember Bobby Trendy? You may recognize him for his regular appearances on The Anna Nicole Show. Last week he was spotted wearing a foil-like headpiece, oversized Chanel necklace, and black platform heels. His dog was dressed to the extremes, too. Lady Gaga much?