Remember when Jennifer Lopez was fashionable and sexy?

Jennifer Lopez New Year's Eve

W.T.F.Question mark. If history serves me correctly there was a time when Jennifer Lopez was the hottest butt on the block. In fact, I’m positive she was. She had the number #1 album and number #1 movie in the same week. She was all over the place. Then she married Skeletor, had some kids and basically dropped off the cool person’s map.

Now she is trying to make a comeback and although she is still a beautiful woman, I’m not sure she knows what she is doing with regards to fashion. I think she is trying too hard to push the envelope and just can’t pull it off like Lady Gaga. When did she wear this outfit? On New Year’s Eve of course with the whole world watching. It makes perfect sense.

If you ever wish to make a splash back on the scene you do it on New Year’s Eve, in New York, on national television and in a skin tight outfit. I mean haven’t we seen others do the exact same steps and benefit? We haven’t? Oh well then it makes perfect sense as something you just don’t do. Ever. Like ever ever. Even when you are desperate.

I can’t even give her a WTF cowboy on this one because it is so ridiculous and I always give out WTF cowboys. I give them out as if I were going out of style and trying to make a comeback. Giddy up horsey.