J.Lo Loves Nubbins

Meet the newest doggie sensation—Nubbins! This adorable Boston Terrier plays J.Lo’s character Zoe’s disabled dog named Nuts in The Back-up Plan. Both attended the movie premiere at the Regency Village Theatre on Wednesday in Westwood, California.

Although Jennifer Lopez looked hot in her silver Gianfranco Ferré dress with matching satin Ferragamo shoes, Nubbins the dog stole the show from the 40-year-old actress/singer.

Attendees and onlookers kept gushing at Nubbins. Who could blame them? Bring any sunflower decked and wheelchair bound dog to any red carpet event and he’s sure to be the center of attention. Nubbins himself didn’t mind the constant flashing of cameras.

Don’t worry; Nubbins isn’t really handicapped. He’s one of three rescued Boston Terriers who were rigorously trained to act for movies and TV shows. Read more about Nubbins here.

The Back-up Plan opens on April 23, 2010.