Jake Gyllenhaal & the Case of the Bloomingdale’s Tighty Whities

jake-gyllenhaal-tighty-whities-3-6-07.jpgHa!  PageSix, you have done it again!  Sexy star Jake Gyllenhaal was recently spotted at the Bloomingdale’s men’s underwear department, and my did he have his hands full.

While in the store, Jake was seen with a salesman being very intrigued & curious about men’s underwear styles.  Gyllenhaal was spotted “combing through every style . . . A good 10 minutes later, Jake was still at it . . . holding up a pair of tight white briefs that he’d pulled out of the package to examine, as if he’d never seen tighty whities before in his entire life.

“It was hilarious. He looked very confused and had a furrowed brow . . . He was examining undies like an anthropologist in the city’s most highly trafficked department store.”

Ha!  Jake Gyllenhaal, the tighty whitey anthropologist!  I love it!

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