Is Mila Kunis Pregnant? Or Did She Just Gain Weight?

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When she famously starred in the movie “Black Swan”, Mila Kunis admittedly lost 20 lbs to better fit for the role of a ballerina. And just recently now, the sexy actress was snapped with an obvious round tummy while filming for the Jimmy Kimmel show in Hollywood.

The 28-year-old actress was seen together with actor Mark Wahlberg,  it was understood that the pair were together to film a skit for the talk show. However, it was Mila’s round tummy that caught everyone’s attention. The actress has significantly gained weight although it was reportedly due for a film role.

“I’m a huge foodie, I love food. But when people say, ‘I can’t lose weight’, no no no, you can. Your body can do everything and anything, you just have to want to do it,” Kunis previously said in one of her interviews.

Mila is currently shooting  “Blood Ties” with Clive Owen which is set in the seventies. The film tells about a family crime drama which centers on Mila and Clive’s characters.

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