Hilary Duff, Novelist

Stephanie Meyer, look out! Actress-turned-popstar-turned-writer Hilary Duff has signed a deal to write young adult novels for publishing company Simon & Schuster.

Hilary Duff Signs Copies Of Elixir

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The newly engaged 22-year-old has already penned her first novel, Elixir, which will be published in October. There are no handsome vampires or shirtless werewolves in the teen story, but it does have an interesting heroine. It follows the global adventures of photojournalist Clea Raymond, whose gifted photography skills prevent tragedies before they occur.

Her next one is a nonfiction book about kids coping with divorce. Her parents are divorced and she will reportedly use her own personal experiences for the book, which is scheduled for release in 2012. Fans will remember that Hilary has written about her own parents’ separation in the songs “Stranger” and “Gypsy Woman.”

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