Heidi Montag’s Justin Bieber Tweet May Be More Creepy Than We Thought

Heidi Montag - Post Surgery - Pink Bikini

A tweet recently appeared on the Twitter account of talentless twit Heidi Montag in which she said, “@justinbieber now that I am getting divorced I think you and I should do a photo shoot together! Cutie ;)! I’m closer to your age….” now we’re learning from the queen of plastic herself that it wasn’t her message.

Heidi is insisting that her account was hacked by her soon to be ex-husband Spencer Pratt, an attempt no doubt to discredit her. Wait did I just say discredit and Heidi Montag in the same paragraph, perhaps that was a poor choice of words when describing Heidi’s position in society.

It was only a few minutes after the Tweet that Heidi took to the web pronouncing:

“I didn’t write that thing about Bieber my fame hoer x husband hacked my Twitter and wrote that he is so lame!”

Perhaps Heidi should be consulting with her recently hired divorce attorney about this new found invasion of privacy or she can just disappear into the black hole of infamous nobodies.

Heidi, there are worse things in this world than a childish tweet…if you don’t believe me just listen to your own CD.

Spencer, in the meantime, why are you tweeting about little boys…if in fact it was you? That really would be more creepy than we originally thought.

Here’s the original tweet screenshot:

Justin Bieber Heidi Montag Tweet


  1. horsefacetitty says:

    no way was it spencer ..
    these people are nobodies & she’s worse than he is !
    slanderers ..nobody in their right mind would work or befriend them ..
    toxic …dangerous ..
    why report on them at all ..the rags are starting to boycott them ..wait for the impending murder/ suicide ..