Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Are Broke, Nearly Homeless

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt may be back together but it’s also reporting that they are bankrupt and nearly homeless.

According to reports, the couple has burned through $10 million which they spent on high price real estate rentals, vacations and other items of vanity.

According to PopCrunch, the money went to several specific sources,  first was the couple’s $35,000 per month Malibu home, next came $3 million spent trying to launch Montag’s critically panned music career and the rest of the money went to plastic surgery, cars, private jets and Spencer’s love of healing crystals.

On the other hand, they also didn’t pay their taxes, owing $2 million in federal income taxes.

Speaking about the couples money troubles, Spencer this week tells Life & Style Weekly:

“We were immature, worrying too much about the famous part instead of the actual business part,” while adding, “In hindsight, we shouldn’t have spent any of our money. We should have been low-key and saved.”

“We thought ‘The Hills’ was going to be like [the original] ’90210? and we’d have another five to 10 years. The ratings were consistent. But we never saw ‘Jersey Shore’ coming. Before, TV audiences were fine with seeing us all argue, but now they want you to punch one another in the face and hook up with three different people. Our cast was a bit boring and snoozeworthy in comparison. No wonder we got cancelled.”

The couple are receiving food from their parents during a once a week shopping trip and Heidi is considering a full stripping session with Playboy.

That ladies and gentlemen is how two talentless twits fizzle out after a career in reality TV.


  1. my god. words can’t describe… i’m just speechless as to how awesome this is. the fact that these two wastes of space made TEN MILLION DOLLARS in the first place is mind blowing. there are jazz musicians who are GODLIKE with their art, i mean absolutely divinely talented and they’re couch surfing, going from gig to gig, getting paid scratch. im so f***ing happy i could cry. its actually way better that these two morons HAD the money, were probably really really happy with their callous existence and then had it taken away. THATS justice. THATS awesome.