FAST FACTS On The Just-Buzzed Isabella Cruise

Isabella Cruise is one heck of a character. The hairstyles, the issues, and even her love life. If you have no clue whatsoever, let us fill you in!

Isabella Cruise fast facts

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1. Isabella Cruise and his brother Connor were adopted while Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were still together.

Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise

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2. The 21-year-old loves to experiment with her hair. She had green, then violet, then blonde, then… oh what the heck.

Isabella Cruise hair styles

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3. She fiercely hates her dad’s religion, Scientology.

Sea Org poster

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4. …Though they’re still living together. Awkward!

Tom, Suri & Isabella Hit The Playground

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5. It was the reason for her break-up with BF Eddie Frencher, but they got back together after he quit too.

Isabella Cruise and Eddie Frencher WireImage