Famke Janssen has the best legs of the day

Famke Janssen best legs

Famke Janssen needs to be in more movies. I feel like she entered my life way too late. My first exposure to her was X-Men, but I have to wonder what took her so long to hit the bigtime…in my heart. What? That wasn’t cheesy at all. In fact it was pretty good.

There are many different types of men. Some men are all about the breasts while others might be butt men. Me? I’m a leg man. I love me a nice pair of legs and Famke might have the nicest pair in Hollywood. In Taken you had to wonder why the story wasn’t about her being taken hostage so she could get more screen time. In fact, when they do a sequel they just need to make her the protagonist. She can go and rescue Liam Neeson, that would be great.

She can wear tight pants and run around jumping and kicking the hell out of bad guys with her nice legs. You can’t tell me that it wouldn’t be a greater success than the first one. If they need me to fund it, I’ll get right on it. They have to promise though that there will be a sex scene, a beach scene and of course a waterfall fight scene where she is wearing a white shirt. I don’t think that is too much to ask for at all.