Demi Lovato Goes Blonde

Demi Lovato Blonde

We haven’t heard much from Demi Lovato since she was dumped by Jonas Brothers’ performer Joe Jonas, but now the Sonny With A Chance star has made her triumphant return to the spotlight, as a blonde.

Lovato was spotted on Monday sporting the new do while accompanying her little sister Madison De La Garza through security at the Los Angeles International Airport.

It’s a pretty drastic change and I had to do a double take at the picture to confirm that it was actually Lovato. So what do you think, nice change or a step to far from her Sonny look?


  1. Trinette says:

    I think that demi looked beater with brown hair but she looks good with blond to.

  2. she is taking the same step hillary duff did (black to blonde to black) shes making a BIG mistake, so is miley cyrus. tHEOSE TWO WILL BE SKINNY BLONDE LOSERS SOON.

  3. Demi's #1 fan says:

    I love her no matter what. personally, everyone who is hating and compairing her to miley and such should stop talking. Demi, you are beautiful. i love you so much! you look beautiful ALWAYS<3