Demi Lovato Getting Christmas Day Pass From Treatment Center

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is getting out of rehab on December 25th, however her Christmas pass is only good for one day, enough time for the troubled Disney star to spend a nice Christmas dinner with her family.

People close to Demi say she will be out tomorrow to meet with her family “outside the facility.” After dinner she is expected to return back to the treatment center to finish the program.

Demi checked herself into a rehab center in Illinois last month after she broke down and eventually punched a female backup dancer in the face on a company provided private jet.

This past week Lovato settled the assault and battery incident with the backup dancer, although details of the settlement will not be released to the public under the settlements conditions.


  1. Let’s be totally honest here. If Demi had any real legit reason to punch Alex in the face that would stand up in a real court or in the court of public opinion, her camp would have splashed it on the front of every gossip rag from here to the moom. The truth is that over fifty people witnessed Demi walk right up to Alex and punch her without uttering a single word. No fight took place. This was a case of straight up ASSAULT! Also, the word is slowly leaking out from those who were there. Soon Demi and her parents will have to deal with that facts that they tried to cover up Demi’s drug abuse, alcohol abuse, mental illness and violent outburst by trying to frame an innocent person, Alex Welch. I am just hoping that Demi and her parents come clean before the truth comes out and the real backlash against Demi begins. Why is Demi and her family covering for the real snitch? What does the snitch have on Demi that would make her so scared that she would try to blame all her troubles on Alex? Word to the real snitch…”We know who you are…We are giving you a chance to man up and take responsibility for your actions.”

  2. I gotta say. You must be obsessed with Demi Lovato Midas. I mean every post about her, you are there responding with the same crap over and over again. Fact is a lawsuit would not have done Demi well. And you’re just upset because you didn’t get to see your obsession in court. The truth is you don’t know what happened. There weren’t fifty people that witnessed Demi’s attack because the private plane didn’t HOLD fifty people. And you’d think one of them would’ve come forward at this point. An actual NAMED source and what not. However no one did. Not one single person came forward and said “I saw Demi Lovato do this.” all you have are un-named sources. And un-named sources don’t hold in a court of law. And this is not ASSAULT. This is at best simple assault or SIMPLE batter. Look up the law kid.

    But it’s funny how you buy into what the tabloid rags say about the drugs and what not. As well as trying to “Frame” Alex even though Alex herself never said “I never ratted her out.” she said “I thought to myself If I don’t say anything, then I didn’t see anything..” for a pseudo intellect, you’re not very smart. And you’d think that a super stud insider like you would’ve outted the so called “Snitch” yet…you haven’t done so. Face it. You know bout as much as anyone else. But I bet that line of yours works on all the ladies eh Midas?