Chicks Dig Cars: Female Celebs and the Vehicles They Love To Drive


Hot and classy automobiles can sometimes seem like the exclusive toys of a man’s world, with very little room for females among the true enthusiasts. But some of our favorite female celebrities in Hollywood and elsewhere are proving that you can wear stilettos and a tight skirt and still know a thing or two about fabulous taste in cars.

Their hot rides make the ultimate accessory. Here are some of our favorite female celebrities and the cars they love to drive.

The Celeb: Ellen Degeneres




Her Ride: Porsche 911 Turbo

Why We Love It: With a classically sleek look, the smooth frame, and the horsepower under the hood, who wouldn’t love a Porsche? However, we particularly love Ellen’s Porsche because it comes with her sense of humor. She jokes that she “loves to drive fast” and that’s “why she I married a Portia!”

The Celeb: Beyoncé Knowles




Her Ride: 1959 Rolls Royce Convertible

Why We Love It: When it comes to gifts you can get from your husband, this one ranks pretty high on the list of “perfect.” With all the elegance and grace that she possesses, and the fierceness and style that comes through in Sasha Fierce, we couldn’t possibly see the Queen B driving anything else!

The Celeb: Heidi Klum




Her Ride: VW Beetle Convertible

Why We Love It: When it comes to cars that can be described as “cute,” the Volkswagen Beetle pretty much takes the cake. Her own outpouring of love for her car and the company that made it, in the commercial she shot for Volkswagen, makes our love for this chick’s ride all the stronger.

The Celeb: Paris Hilton




Her Ride: Bentley GT

Why We Love It: Luxury town cars are already a sleek and chic option for anybody. Not only is Hilton’s Bentley a great choice for the ultimate uptown girl, but her customized diamond-encrusted dash and the signature bubble-gum pink paint job truly make it her own. The socialite stays true to herself and makes her presence known no matter where she is.

The Celeb: Cher




Her Ride: Harley Davidson motorcycles

Why We Love It: As a diva who has always sported edgy looks, and often favored punk-rock elements such as spikes, chains, leather, and zippers, this veteran pop star and film actress is a tried-and-true biker chick. While the make and model of her bike has changed and been updated over the years, one thing has stayed the same: She always rides a Harley. Cher knows what she likes and she doesn’t waste time on what she doesn’t, and we love her for that!

In a hyper-aware, digitally connected world that perpetually places these women in the spotlight, their sweet rides can say a lot about their personalities.

But more importantly, these vehicles provide these lovely ladies with fast and furious escapes from the hectic Hollywood lives they lead. They can truly enjoy a long drive, as any auto enthusiast would.

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