Charlie Sheen Launches Official Website To Fight Trolls, Promote Crazy

Charlie Sheen Official Website Goes Live

Charlie Sheen on Friday night officially launched his official website for spreading his own brand of crazy.

The “Warlock” has been spreading his “messages” all over the internet for the last few weeks, prominently being featured on UStream via his “Sheen’s Korner” live video stream.

The new website can be used to buy tickets for Sheen’s upcoming tour in Detroit and Chicago (possibly more shows to follow) and to buy T-Shirts with some of the best yet Sheenisms.

Sign up for his newsletter (pictured above) and you can “start winning” right away, even if your a troll.

It’s hard to hate Charlie Sheen when he has so obviously went insane.


  1. Why is everyone paying attention to Mel Gibson when Charlie Sheen is so much more entertaining? See why in “A Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen” on The Loop Now.

  2. ROFL @ this dubstep remix: