Celebrity Kids’ Birthdays: Not Your Average Party

For kids, birthday parties are one of the most exciting events of the year. This may be especially true for the children of the rich and famous.

Some celebrities are known for throwing their children the most extravagant and over-the-top birthday parties you can possibly imagine. While the average American can’t consider coming close to what celebrities offer their kids on their big day, these very public birthday celebrations do stand occasionally set trends for birthday parties among the rest of us.

Famous people’s bashes for their kids offer a design, an idea, or something else to mimic that we can sometimes copy. Below are a few of the most notable celebrity birthday parties in recent years and what made them special.



Some of us take our children to the local pizza parlor and bowling alley, but other parents are in a position to rent an entire carnival for their son or daughter’s big day. The star couple Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick replicated an entire carnival for their one-year-old boy’s first annual celebration.

The event included a carousel, farm animals, and all kinds of yummy food. With such a fun-filled day, these celebrity parents felt they could cover all the bases.

Amazing cake


There is regular birthday cake, and then there are cakes made by Hansen’s in Hollywood. Tori Spelling is one of their regular customers; she always purchases her cakes from the premier cake maker.

Her five-year-old daughter’s most recent birthday included a five-tier rainbow cake with real flowers embedded between the layers. The dazzling item was the centerpiece of the party, and made it a dazzling and colorful occasion that included Tinker Bell as a guest, dozens of sweet treats, and giant flower piñatas.

When it comes to a child’s birthday parties, Tori Spelling knows how to make one happen on a grand scale.

Party animals


What’s a birthday party without a tiger, a snake, a monkey, and dozens of other creatures? When she organized her child’s second birthday party, Beyoncé took her daughter Blu Ivy to a local observatory for some family- and friend-filled pleasure.

The party was an extravagant event that included many celebrity guests, a face-painting station, and a massive cake. No doubt many of the attendees will recall the event for years to come.



Finally, no birthday party lacks presents for the honoree. While celebrities may throw their children some truly lavish birthday parties, one practice they share with us and our children is the presentation of gifts.

According The Savor Blog, there are certain top gifts that pretty much all children like. The list includes such items as bicycles, Lego minecraft games, MakerBot Replica 2, Simon, Hot Wheels sets, and Hollywood Barbies. Every kid loves toys, and a toy doesn’t need to be over-the-top to guarantee a child pleasure. Sometimes, the simple things are best.

No matter what style of birthday party a parent chooses, the only thing that truly matters is the boy or girl at the center and whether or not the child enjoyed the time with friends and family. Such fond memories are what will shape their lives in the years to come.