Bono is the latest star to enter surgery. According to, he went in today for emergency back surgery because of an injury related to U2 360° tour training. He’ll spend a few days in a Munich hospital, then recuperate at home. As a result, the Salt Lake City show originally scheduled for Jun 3 has been postponed. Ticket holders can choose to wait for info about a replacement tour date. The show is the final U2 360° show in N. America.

Stars on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Well Cele|bitchy quotes a print edition of In Touch, which says that Britney Spears had some sort of meltdown on Mother’s Day, which possibly had something to do with some argument with boyfriend Jason Trawick. The end result was that she and her kids missed a private viewing of Mickey Mouse and Disneyland, and she cut off so much of her hair that her toilet was blocked. She apparently also paid $5K for some strange butt tattoo. So Britney had a meltdown but maybe not quite a nervous breakdown. On the other, popstar Adam Ant, now 55, lost it and went on some tirade about Christians and has since been admitted to hospital under some British Mental Health Act.

Bret Michaels has had a rough year, returning to hospital this week after suffering a stroke not longer after being released from his previous brain hemorrhage. But he’s determined to move on and even be on the finale of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday, May 23rd. You ask me, he’s crazy for not resting, but the man is a survivor, considering that he’s been Type 1 Diabetic since at least 6 years of age, was hospitalized in early April for acute appendicitis, and survived the brain hemorrhage.

I’ve been pretending that Kendra Wilkinson doesn’t exist, but when an aspiring starlet whores herself out as much as she has been, a motormouth like myself eventually has to say something. Well Kendra, a former Playboy playmate who’s been in the news lately for her sex tape “scandal” (oooh, like no one has ever done a sex tape before), apparently has a second sex tape, this time with a woman. The whore starlet entrepreneur Kendra is said to be getting $100K plus 50% of sales of her first sex video, which comes out for your self-pleasuring pleasure at the end of May. This second video’s release date has yet to be determined.

I’ve heard of certain foods being aphrodisiacs, but Nicholas Cage seems to take diet choices to bit of an extreme. Apparently he only eats the meat of animals that have sex in a fashion he approves of. Ok, sure.