Casper Smart Gets a Dodge Ram For His 25th

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez
Who the heck is Casper Smart? That’s the reaction I got from a couple of people – but only a handful. After all, his relationship with star Jennifer Lopez has not escaped the prying eyes of the celebrity-fascinated. Far from that actually. When news broke out that Jennifer Lopez was dating one of her back up dancers, tongues started wagging, and fingers started flying across keyboards.

Come to think of it, I do not understand why anyone was surprised when Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart started hanging out “way too much”. These things should be considered a normal occurrence by now, shouldn’t they?

But I digress! Casper Smart might be one of the luckiest back up dancers in the world. He just turned 25, and guess what he got for his birthday? A truck. The kind that you can actually drive and show off. Isn’t that every little boy’s dream?

Smart (who might also deserve that name for hooking up with no less than J-Lo) didn’t get just any truck, though. He got a Dodge Ram. A customized one.

The actress-singer-American Idol judge said that she knew that her boy friend has been wanting a truck, and what better gift to give him? Indeed, if you have the money to burn, why not give your lover everything he wants? And boy, was Smart happy about his birthday gift. Rumor has it that he wanted to go out and show the truck off that very night. I wonder what his girl friend had to say about that? I have a feeling that she might have shown a happy face, but I am pretty sure that she had other plans.

On another note: Do you think Casper Smart is hot? I think Jennifer Lopez is hotter, to be honest.

Photo via US Magazine