Britney’s Next On “Glee”

You can’t discuss Madonna without mentioning Britney Spears, and vice-versa. After the successful Madonna tribute on Glee, as well as the album compilation The Power of Madonna, fans have taken it upon themselves to decide who they believe should be featured next on Glee.

They bombarded networking sites such as Twitter with the idea of a Britney Spears episode. Why not? Even the show’s creator Ryan Murphy thinks it’s a good idea. According to AHN, they’ve already talked to the popstar about it.

“She certainly would love to do it,” Ryan said. “And I think she’s phenomenally talented. And the kids and the cast certainly have a great connection to her. So maybe, yeah. We’re going to talk about it.”

If Britney says yes, fans will have to wait until this fall or spring next year. Producers want the Britney episode to coincide with the release of her upcoming seventh album.

I would love to see the Glee cast perform “Hit Me Baby One More Time” with Lea Michele doing Britney’s part from the original music video.

Which Britney Spears songs would you love to hear on Glee?

Photo from the Facebook page, “In Support of ‘Glee’ Making a Britney Spears Episode!”


  1. I love Britney’s songs. she’s very hot! All the drugs and shaving her head was crazy but she rocks. love u britney.