Beyoncé And Nicki Minaj Are “Flawless!” [LISTEN]

So Beyoncé just released a surprise remix, and everyone’s getting their hands on it right away!

Beyonce Flawless remix cover

The remix for her track “Flawless,” which comes with a new rap verses from Nicki Minaj.

Inadvertently or not, Queen Bey might have indirectly addressed the infamous ‘elevator’ issue that involves her, hubby Jay-Z, and sis Solange.

“Of course sometimes sh– go down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator,” the superstar rouses.

This line fuels rumors that their marriage is more of a business deal than a happily ever after thing. Regardless, the remix elevates the song from being an empowering anthem to a ‘swaggy’ romp.

Jay-Z and Beyonce perform on stage together during the first stop of the On the Run Tour, Miami

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How about Nicki’s Anaconda?


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