Alyson Hannigan Won the Pie

Alyson Hannigan

Earlier, I talked about Lacey Chabert being the middle mean girls. Now we are on the topic of Alyson Hannigan and when you first saw American Pie, did you think for one second that of all the people in that movie she would end up being the most famous and having the greatest acting career? I sure as hell didn’t, but lo and behold here we are. She blossomed very well and is the star of How I Met Your Mother, which I’ve seen before and isn’t that bad of a show.

Did I mention she is hot, but not in an impossible to get kind of way. I’m talking about a I have a shot with this chick kind of way. This in turn makes her even hotter. Interesting how that works. Other women that fall into this category include Halle Berry, Eliza Dushku and Amanda Bynes. Yes, I can get with all of them.

There is no reason to hate on me. Envy me if you wish, but hatred is a very bad thing. Anyways, she even has the weird smile and teeth going that add to her cuteness. Too many people in Hollywood strive for perfection when they really should be striving to accentuate the flaws. It will work out better for them.

I refuse to get these 10 missing teeth replaced and it has worked wonders for my image. Now, nobody messes with me when I go into a drunken rage.