4 Celeb Beauty Secrets For Looking Fabulous

When it comes to looking great, there are a lot of tricks the celebrities seem to have up their sleeves. While the rest of us are busy just trying to look halfway decent barely sipping our coffee, these guys are already looking like they are on their way to an awards show without the slightest blink of an eye.

It is enough to look at these guys and ask yourself, “how do they do it?” No, they weren’t born on another planet. The truth is not that they have superhuman powers. Although truth be told, many of them may be above average looking, they certainly have a few tricks that work to their advantage. Here are some of the biggest Hollywood beauty secrets that keep them looking and feeling amazing without hardly blinking an eye.

Hair Extensions

Using hair extensions is a way to give yourself some extra life and body. When you put on hair extensions you instantly feel like you are on your way to a shoot for the cover of a magazine. You feel beautiful, glamorous, and like you just spent all day in the salon.

Many hair extensions are poor quality and shouldn’t be purchased if they have a shiny or false looking gloss. If you are looking to buy hair extensions you should opt for ones which are 100% human hair and minimally processed. This way you can make sure that your purchase will last a long time.

Eyelash Extensions

Ever notice how you always look the most awake and fantastic when your eyes are looking alert and alive? This is where celebrities have that extra edge. Most of them have eyelash extensions which bring out the life in their eyes and give them that dramatic long lash look.

You can find eyelash extensions offered in most salons. They are usually between 80-150 dollars a set and will need to be touched up every 2 weeks. This may be expensive to some people, while for others it is a dream come true as they imagine not even having to put on makeup, but instead just rely on their fabulous extensions.


How is it that every time you open a magazine and see the eyebrows of the celebrities you can’t believe how fantastic their eyebrows look! How is it that they do that? Were they born with naturally perfect arches and eyebrow color? The answer is probably no.

Welcome to microblading. The new trend that is sweeping the beauty scene and has us gasping at its perfect results.

When you microblade your eyebrows you are getting a semi-permanent tattoo of individual eyebrow hairs giving you a much more natural and convincing brow.