Wax On, Wax Off: Prince Michael Takes Blanket to the Dojo

Though they lost their dad way too soon, the orphaned Jackson siblings have each other to depend on, a bond strong enough to thwart any scheming Jackson relatives. Despite the series of unfortunate events, Prince Michael, the eldest of the brood is looking after his younger siblings.

Now at 15 years-old, he takes his little 10-year-old bro Blanket to his weekly karate lessons, the way their dad used to do when he was alive. Prince Michael is definitely growing up quite the responsible brother the King of Pop would be proud of.

According to a new book, Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson, author Randall Sullivan writes of a mad money scramble that happen on the day of Michael Jackson’s death as relatives demanded their way into MJ’s rented mansion to retrieve MJ’s garbage bags filled with cash. The book also reveals the fight over Michael Jackson’s cemetery plot, that no burial was going to happen until Janet Jackson’s $40,000 security deposit was ponied up.

Three years without Michael Jackson, and still Paris, Prince Michael & Blanket are neck deep in theĀ Jackson family feud, there are only few people the Jackson kids trust besides their grandmother Katherine Jackson. The other being their court appointed guardian TJ Jackson; in the pic TJ’s kids are hanging around blanket. TJ is one of the few people the three siblings believe to be honest and trustworthy.

Prince Michael with a learner’s permit, six months shy of his sixteenth birthday on February. He usually drives the kiddos to the mall.


  1. He is called Prince, NOT Michael.