Top 10 Celebrity Halloween fashion

Celebs don’t wait until October 31 to strut around in weird clothes and outrageous get-ups. They’ll grab any reason to get dressed in bright colors, blue lipstick, feathers… Just take a look at these pics!

Katy Perry’s parents didn’t let her go trick or treating when she was younger, and I guess she’s making up for lost time! Here she gets decked out as Smurfette for the premiere of the movie The Smurfs.

And Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is clearly going through a “toy soldier” phase, wearing this costume while shopping on the streets of New York. Gee, if that’s what she wears on an ordinary day, what will Halloween be like?

And Lady Gaga, who goes wild with her clothes nearly every time, decided to go as her video alter ego at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Cee Lo Gren was channeling Rio, maybe, when he wore metal body armor with colorfl feathers to the 2011 Grammy’s. Guess he wasn’t i n the mood to wear a suit. Maybe he should’ve asked Deena Cortese to be is date: she was all decked out in this rainbow dress—an homage to a parrot, or Rainbow Bright? While we’re on the jungle theme, see Khloe Kardasian’s and Nicki Minaj’s wild animal print. RRRrowwr!

Bicky and Paris Hilton channeled Wonderwoman and a warrior princess, and David is…well, we have no idea what he is.

And Selena Gomez is taking the monochromatic look too far. Blue dress, blue hat, blue jewels, blue makeup? Maybe she should’ve gone to the Smurf premiere with Katy Perry!