Suri Cruise is having the time of her life at the Happiest Place on Earth, all made special by her superstar dad Tom Cruise.

50 year-old Tom was spotted shirtless at Disneyland, joining his daughter Suri in the Blizzard Beach swimming pool.

Tom was even gracious to the fans and onlookers which gathered around the water park.

The Disney World outing is a well-earned break for Suri since the aftermath of the big TomKat divorce, the little tot is now living almost a normal life in New York.

All thanks to mom Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise has been seen around NYC doing what other New Yorkers do like visiting the Bronx Zoo, going out for neighborhood ice cream runs, and hopping into a New York taxi cab.

Katie Holmes is definitely keeping her daughter grounded. As we all know, Suri’s well accustomed to the jet set lifestyle at such a tender age, and now Katie is giving her daughter new experiences to look forward to.

Like days ago, Katie and Suri flew back to Katie’s hometown in Ohio via commercial flight. Yes, like the rest of us.

No private jet? I wonder if Tom Cruise would approve. Most likely not, as the A-list actor is quick to nudge her daughter back into the lavish Hollywood reality she grew up in, sweeping Suri off during custody visits via helicopter straight to the Hamptons and how, as of yesterday, a deluxe outing to Disneyland.

Joint custody may suck for most kids, but Suri Cruise is living the sweet lux life.