Lindsay Lohan’s teeth are rotting!

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Lindsay’s got a whole lot of issues. Career on the downswing, running behind on her hours of required community service, missed court hearings…and now, really bad teeth.

The showbiz world was talking about her yellowed, seemingly decaying teeth at a recent red carpet appearance. Sources also said that her hands were smeared all over with nail polish and grime.

So is this a sign of how messed up her life has become? Everyone knows she’s been neglecting her health, but it takes a whole lot of stupidity for a celebrity to show up at a paparazzi-filled event and not even bother to floss, or wash her hands for that matter.

The only celeb who ever showed up that disheveled was Amy Winehouse, and look what happened to her.

Lindsay Lohan’s rep said, “I think of all the things going on in the world today — from deteriorating public education to rampant homelessness to political unrest — there is no way I’m going to comment on Lindsay’s teeth.” He added that “this thing with the teeth is the most absurd things I’ve ever been asked to confirm.”

But given how vain celebs are, the photos of the teeth may be enough to wake her up and do something about her life and get it together.