Turns out it wasn’t only the World Cup that Mario Gotze has won!

Ann Kathrin Brommel Instagram selfie

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Yes, at age 22, championing his country against a formidable opponent was amazing, but having a sexy girlfriend by his side made it all the more amazing, especially if the girl in question is Ann Kathrin Brommel!

A year older than Gotze, the two became an item last 2012. She first caught the media’s attention when the couple were photographed on a yacht in Ibiza — resulting on some very “hard” to forget photos by the handsome footballer.

Mario Gotze and Ann Kathrin Brommel kiss in FIFA 2014

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“Although I am the girlfriend of Mario Gotze, I have my own personal goals I want to achieve. Otherwise, I could not be more happy,” she states in September 2013’s German GQ.

For starters, Ann Kathrin’s also a model [we saw that one coming] and a local pop star [now this is a surprise].

Ann Kathrin Brommel in lingerie

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