Beyonce Knowles Says No to Signing Man’s Painting


I have to admit, sometimes being a celebrity is a little creepy.  One of Beyonce Knowles’ fans was in tears recently when the singer refused to sign a painting that took artist Paul Stillwell 80 hours to paint.  Talk about creepy…

Stillwell revealed that the painting of Beyonce took over 3 days to paint & Knowles wouldn’t even give him “two seconds of her time to sign her name on it.”

“I traveled 100 miles to London and waited outside her hotel for five hours. … When she came out I showed her my painting and said, ‘Beyonce, will you sign my painting?’ She said, ‘No, sorry,’ and walked away.”

I mean seriously, dude.  Beyonce didn’t ask you to paint a painting of her, travel to London & wait outside her hotel room for five hours, now did she?  I mean, get a clue!  Especially since the painting makes Beyonce’s abs look like melted butter, and not in a good way mind you.

You tell me, who’s side do you fal on?