Keanu Reeves is FAT!

Keanu Reeves has gone the way of Hollywood hunks before him, much like chubby Val Kilmer, Alec Baldwin and Gerard Butler. Once A-list hunks that dare tip the scales over- with too much beer and Cheetos perhaps?

The Matrix heart throb stepped onto a yacht in Cannes looking all bloated and tired.


Keanu’s not doing this for a role like the way Christian Bale usually does it.

christian bale_weight

Yah know going method means going fat once in a while and more Oscar cred to boot!


Keanu in his hot younger years:  So is Keanu’s still the sad, sad boy the Internet has made him out to be?


There’s no ice cream on this spoon: this Keanu weight gain phase may not be good news if they decide to do a Matrix prequel.


If there’s any consolation, Val Kilmer has lost 80 lbs. this year and Gerard Butler just got his abs back for a role. So there ‘s still hope for 48 year-old Keanu to shape up!