Eva Longoria’s Tony Parker’s Rap Album Sucks Donkey Poo

tony-parker-rap-album-3-29-07.jpgI can’t say this album was highly anticipated by the masses, because most of us don’t even know who Belgian Tony Parker is, but the San Antonino Spur recently released a rap album the likes of which no one really liked.

“Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria cheered her fiance on as he released his very first (and last) rap album this week.  Unfortunately “Balance-toi” was not the rap album of the year.

Parker basically brags (more than most) about his lavish life in a semi-rappish style, much to the chagrin of these ears of mine.  The only thing going for Tony with his new album, is that most of the lyrics are in French.  For some handy dandy (& a little scary) translations of his rhymes, check out the Village Voice. 

We all just think that Parker should stick to the things he knows best:  marrying older & uglier women and playing ball.

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