Chandler Bing was a Real-Life Drug Addict: Matthew Perry Comes Clean About His Recovery

At the height of his Friends fame in the role of the ineffably charming Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry was heavily into drugs.


His drug of choice were opiates and meth. Which now explains Perry’s shifting weight during the show’s run.


He kept his secret from his co-stars. ‘I think I was pretty good at hiding it, you know, but, you know, eventually people were aware.’


He struggles looking at past photos of himself, at a time when he hit rock bottom with his addictions: ‘I honestly recoil. It’s scary to look at that. I was a sick guy.’


He played oone of the famous Friends for a decade and being one of the most famous faces in America didn’t help his recovery.


Matthew Perry now comes clean, he has turned his life around by being a man on a mission to help others through their recovery.


He has even open up his old Malibu mansion into a transitional home for drug dependents trying to remain sober.


Matthew has been working with addiction specialist Earl Hightower on his personal Perry House project. For their social advocacy, they received the Champion of Recovery award from the White this year. Yah go Matthew!