Beyonce Sings Live at Super Bowl Halftime

Queen Bey sang live with a vengeance- performing a dance heavy routine with Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, her BFFs from her girl group Destiny’s Child.


Queen Bey absolutely wants all that smack talk about her lip synching of the national anthem to be absolutely forgotten.


She even managed some impromptu shoutouts to the wild Superbowl crowd just to prove her mic is on and it’s all her 100% that we’re hearing.


Backstage she gets some lovin’ and big hugs from hubby Jay-Z.


Beyonce getting all pumped up for her performance with Jay-Z in tow.


While in the dressing room getting her hair done, Kelly Rowland took some time out to check the Twitter feeds.


Beyonce made time to scribble a nice Thank-you note to her fellow performers. Just the right pep talk they needed!


Seems like with all the chatter on Twitter, Beyonce is definitely forgiven for the inaugural brouhaha. Why not? She looked so hot in that leather catsuit while getting down on her hits like ‘Crazy in Love’.

Beyonce_Superbowl_tweets BeyonceSuperbowl

Her raw performance was sooo electrifying that the lights went out just shortly after the 14 minute set.


Beyonce later tweeted: ‘What a proud day for AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN!!!!!


‘Kelly, Michelle, Alicia, Jhud. You are all beautiful, talented and showed so much class! It was an honour to perform at the Super Bowl with you phenomenal ladies. Love Beyonce.’