Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce Drama: Who Will Get Suri?

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As TomKat split over the weekend, the Hollywood saga will continue in court as the top celebrity divorce lawyers are called into action.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes finally announced on Friday that they are calling it quits after five years of marriage, putting an end to the Hollywood love story mired by couch jumping, tabloid rumors and Scientology.

Holmes has mentioned “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce but it is believed Katie initiated the divorce to save the Suri from being sent to the floating Scientology cruise ship called Sea Org. Katie Holmes is now demanding sole legal custody of her daughter Suri.

Katie’s sudden divorce move has taken Tom Cruise by surprise as the tarnished A-lister was busy filming in Iceland when Katie filed the divorce papers in New York and not in California- jump starting one messy and contentious divorce battle all in the best interest of six year-old, Suri.

Suri Cruise is the famous celebrity tot with the $3.2million wardrobe- her collection includes customized pieces of designer clothes by Marc Jacobs, pairs of mini-Louboutins and Chanel handbags.