Scott Disick Mourns Father’s Loss

The past few months haven’t been easy for Scott Disick.

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A few months after he lost his mother, the reality star’s father, Jeffrey Disick, was the next one to go; it was sooner than expected.

Disick’s dad passed away last January 3 in Los Angeles, as told by a source to E! News, though no cause has been divulged yet.

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The 30-year-old entrepreneur was reportedly “very, very sad” about the news, which has prompted him and long-time love Kourtney Kardashian to jet off to native New York.

“The whole family is trying to comfort him. Everyone’s upset,” the insider adds. “To lose both parents so close together, it doesn’t seem fair.”

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Bonnie, Disick’s mom, died last November at the age of 63. Still, Scott has no comment on the death of both of his parents.

“Scott’s dad had been in L.A. spending time with Scott, Kourtney and the kids,” our insider adds. “He wanted to be close to them after the loss of Scott’s mother.”