4 (Currently) Rocky Marriages

Think Hollywood marriages are the envy of the lot? Methinks not.

A lot of them have crashed and burn, and these 4 are soon to follow, if not alleviated!

broken marriages


This one’s unconfirmed, but separation rumors between the two music superstars have been abuzz since sis Solange Knowles confronted Hova. Now, on the Cincinnati leg of their On The Run tour, Bey modifies the lyrics of her song ‘Resentment’: “Been ridin’ with you for twelve years why did I deserve/ To be treated this way by you.”


Beyonce and Jay-Z

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On the other hand, these two country sweethearts are doing the rounds, saying that their divorce is amicable.

“Ty and I have always tried to live the most authentic life possible, and we wanted our separation as husband and wife to be nothing less loving than the way we came together,” the 40-year-old singer says.


Jewel and Ty Murray

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Despite being on an “open relationship,” Kendra was apparently so pissed of Hank that she threw her wedding band down the toilet (allegedly), which explains her public appearance without the item.

Of course, this is all due to Hank’s reported affair with transgender YouTube model Ava Sabrina London, which led to her discovery of a “damning” credit card charge.

Truly, a headache of sorts!

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett

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We all know that Mr. Blurred Lines is doing everything in his power to save their marriage, including the release of an [awkward] album simply entitled ‘Paula’.

As of now, they haven’t been seeing each other in four months, which he understands. “I can’t speak for her, but I think space is an important part of any healing process,” Thicke says.

A lil’ more push, honey.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton

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