Tina Fey sizzles on Vanity Fair

If I have my say, I'd declare Tina Fey the sexiest comedian on the planet. Just look at this awesome Vanity Fair cover! … [Read more...]

Nicole Richie looks so good

Nicole Richie had just given birth but the girl is looking so good already. This is a far cry from her anorexic look a couple of years ago. … [Read more...]

Nicolas Cage should tell his son to change his image

That scary looking dude beside Nicolas Cage is his son Weston. He looks like he's going to front a Swedish death metal band... or eat the neighbor's cat. … [Read more...]

Pink should hire a new stylist

I dunno about you guys, but I don't think that the gown Pink is wearing suits her. I think asymmetrical details only look good on certain body types and hers is not one of them. … [Read more...]

Ryder in hot trouble again

Winona Ryder's involved in another kleptomaniac-related scandal again. The actress reported that she misplaced the jewelry Bulgari lent to her during an event. She claimed that she gave an envelope with the jewels to the front desk of the hotel she was staying in but … [Read more...]