Megan Fox: The drama behind her replacement on Transformers Sequel

Tranformers: Dark of the Moon is doing quite well in the box office even without the sexy sultry Megan Fox steaming up the screen. Many are surely disappointed with her absence as the actress sure has had many of her fans wanting and waiting to see her smoke up the screen and … [Read more...]

Daniel Radcliffe Reveals His Teenage Affair with Booze

There isn’t much magic in the life of a celebrity child star. In fact many child stars have suffered through a lot of coping issues that have manifested itself in substance abuse and what not. This holds true for the young Daniel Radcliffe. The 22 year old Harry Potter star … [Read more...]

David and Victoria Beckham Await Their First Daughter Via C-Section

It looks like the color pink will be washing through the Beckham’s nursery as the Posh Spice Girl is expecting their first daughter. David and Victoria Beckham are indeed very excited for the arrival of their newest family member via C-section at a Los Angeles hospital anytime … [Read more...]

Did Jonathan Rhys Meyers Attempt Suicide?

Fame has a steep price to pay for those who can’t handle the lifestyle, the pressure and realities of being a celebrity. Most of us who view from the outside never see the turmoil that spins and weaves the web of depression and sometimes that of death. After being admitted for … [Read more...]

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni back in Splitsville

It looks like David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are giving their marriage another separation bash. This wouldn’t be the first time the couple have split up as this would be their second during their entire marriage. In 2008, the couple went separate ways following a rehab treatment … [Read more...]