Celine Dion’s Tough Pregnancy

Celine Dion is the latest celebrity having a baby later in life. While for some it's because of career demands, in Celine's case, it's been because of health issues. She, now 42, and husband Rene Angelil just announced that they're having twins, but it hasn't been without great … [Read more...]

Screen Legend Dennis Hopper Passes Away at 74

The Reaper seems to have it in for entertainers these days, what with the recent passing of Lena Horne, Lynn Redgrave, Gary Coleman, Ronnie James Dio, and others. Now, Dennis Hopper, a known rebel and hellraiser prone to paranoid delusions, but a screen legend regardless, passed … [Read more...]

Gary Coleman Passes Away at 42

Actor Gary Coleman has passed away at age 42, after suffering suffering an intracranial brain hemmorhage, according to his wife, Shannon. Coleman was in critical condition at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, after falling and injuring his head. His brother-in-law called 911 … [Read more...]

Celebrific Screen Scene — May 28, 2010

Movie-wise, there's possibly something for everyone this week, with a couple of big flicks, at least in hype if not in quality. IMDB lists four new releases, and you can get more details from their profile pages, which I've linked to from each movie's title. New Releases … [Read more...]

Did ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Make a Mistake?

Nicole Scherzinger, along with her partner Derek Hough, might have won season 10's Dancing With the Stars contest, but is she going to keep the object of her efforts, her mirror ball trophy? No. Instead, she's pawning off the gaudy thing to her mother, whom she says was the … [Read more...]