Keanu Reeves is FAT!

Keanu Reeves has gone the way of Hollywood hunks before him, much like chubby Val Kilmer, Alec Baldwin and Gerard Butler. Once A-list hunks that dare tip the scales over- with too much beer and Cheetos perhaps? … [Read more...]

Rihanna Parties on Without Chris Brown: Celebrates with New Hairdo

Another post-breakup makeover for Rihanna- not a bad idea considering her on-and-off relationship with Chris Brown. Maybe this time the split is for real? … [Read more...]

Celebrity Siblings: Growing Up Famous!

As young as nine, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were meant to be reality TV stars. … [Read more...]

Hollywood Hookups and Breakups: Demi Finds a New Man while ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Couple Split Up

Demi Moore has apparently found love again with Will Hanigan, a hunky pearl diver from Australia. Her latest love interest follows the Sikh religion and has taken on a mystic alternative name, he is also called  Simranjeet Singh. … [Read more...]

Kiera Knightley’s Low-Key Wedding

Kiera Knightley got married over the weekend and without much fanfare. Apparently, she's not so big on wedding plans, there was no extravagant circus the kind you'd expect from an A-List celeb. … [Read more...]