Allison Says Adieu

Well folks, my two years of blogging here at Celebrific are at an end.  Raising this blog up from an infant into a flippant & wild adolescent has been quite a bit of fun & I just wanna thank all the readers who really made this whole thing possible. Thanks.  And the … [Read more...]

Post Rehab Lindsay Lohan Is the Hottest Woman Of the Day!

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Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon Wedding Pictures

Wedding pictures from Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon's surprise wedding have finally hit the web. Can I just say that I love the fact that Rick is sporting a knit cap!  Wow.  In the infamous words of Paris Hilton, "That's hot!" Photos from the hitching were published … [Read more...]

Quote Of the Day: George Clooney Drank To Talk To Women

"I was very awkward with the opposite sex when I was younger. I think every kid is for a long period of time. "The only time it changes is when alcohol comes into play, that's what happened with me. Alcohol helps a lot with women, it smoothes things over." ~George Clooney … [Read more...]

Happy 27th Birthday To Nick Cannon!

A very happy 27th birthday going out to Nick Cannon this fine morning. I think I will take some time to imagine how Nick is going to celebrate his special day....Hmmm, Nick, you naughty boy, that's not where the icing goes!!!! … [Read more...]