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Kate Middleton’s Due Date Is On…

… You’re really thirsty about more Kate Middleton news, huh?

Kate Middleton in Australia Getty

(c) Getty

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Oscar de la Renta Passes Away At 82

The fashion world faces another loss: Oscar de la Renta.

Designer Oscar de la Renta greets some of his mode

(c) Getty

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4 Iconic Office Characters

The typical office, regardless of the country or era, is a prime spot for a television or movie set because it’s so relatable. No matter what kind of job you have now, there’s a good chance you worked in an office at one point, or at least you hear your friends talking about it. An office environment itself can even take on a character role, showing viewers instantly whether the environment is prim and proper, boring, sleek and modern, or a veritable hell hole that drives the characters insane.

office environment

It’s the addition to such environment such as gorgeous desktop displays that can suggest the environment is nurturing. However, stark white cubicles where everyone seems to be in mini prisons suggests the opposite. Check out these iconic office characters from the big and small screen and choose your favorite:

1. Michael from “The Office”

Carell adapted the equally mentionable UK’s “The Office” for an American audience perfectly. In fact, every character on the show deserves mention for perfectly mimicking and poking fun at the average office life. While few people (fortunately) had a boss like Michael, it was easy to spot the worst characteristics of your office-mates in his character and everyone else’s. Read the rest of this entry »

Actress Misty Upham Found DEAD!

After more than two weeks of exhaustive search for the actress, Misty Upham has been found dead.

Misty Upham dead

(c) FilmMagic

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Charlie Sheen might be crazy, but he came to his senses when the seriousness of his impending marriage finally sunk in.

Charlie Sheen breaks off engagement with Brett Rossi (3)

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Penelope Cruz‘s looks nowhere near 40 years old!

Penelope Cruz for Esquire 2014 cover

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Celebrities Who Are Video Game Fanatics

Celebrities, when not in front of the camera, also engage in various activities similar to ordinary folks. They have their own hobbies and preferred forms of entertainment. You may be surprised to know that many of them, men and women alike, are actually diehard video game fanatics.

With the existence today of more advanced and portable video game consoles, it’s not a wonder why these popular figures on TV and the big screen also got hooked to gaming. Many admit playing games helps them relax after a hectic schedule at work.

So what video games do these celebrities love to play? According to website, the top three games famous among Hollywood stars to date include Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Halo. Read the rest of this entry »

At age 19, who knew John Luke Robertson would be engaged this early?!

John Luke Robertson and Mary Kate McEacharn engaged

(c) Instagram

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Paula Patton leads today’s crop of celebrity divorces! UH-OH.

Paula Patton, Nick Cannon, and Kendra Wilkinson

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Did Stephen Collins just ruin our childhood or what?

Stephen Collins, Faye Grant


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Jennifer Lawrence is just plain furious. (Who wouldn’t be?)

Jennifer Lawrence for Vanity Fair November 2014

(c) Vanity Fair

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Teresa Giudice sure did get an alarming wake-up call — a 15-year prison sentence for fraud with husband Joe Giudice.

Joe and Teresa Giudice arrested (Getty)

(c) Getty

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Nick Jonas, the Disney star? We can’t even see the resemblance!

Nick Jonas sexy pose for Flaunt

(c) Flaunt

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Blake Lively Is Officially PREGNANT!

You know you loved her, but Blake Lively is now preggers!

Blake Lively and friends Baby Shower Preserve

(c) Preserve

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Katy Perry might not be in college, but she sure is gettin’ into the spirit!

Katy Perry ESPN

(c) ESPN

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…But he doesn’t have “much to say,” though.

Liam Hemsworth for NYLON

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So… Robert Pattinson is dating someone? Well, no one seems to agree with it.

Robert Pattinson and FKAtwigs

(c) PopSugar/

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Taylor Swift Admits She’s “Becky”!

…At least humorously!

EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift arrives home after dinner out in NYC, wearing a yellow top and burgundy plaid skirt

(c) Splash News

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This week has been busy for the presses, especially about Kendra Wilkinson‘s tell-all!

couples alert

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